Conserving the goodness of nature energy… the Rudi Schubert style

A lot of people think about contributing to the well being of the nature surrounding us in some way or the other. Some limit themselves to little ways and means, while others go out of the way to ideate strategies and implement them into action. There are a few stalwart names in this list, who have strived to help the society in furthering ahead with toddling steps that can make a positive difference to Mother Nature.

Standing uniquely apart from the rest is this distinguished personality, Rudi Schubert who started off his career journey by getting his intellectual skills trained and coached in a branded energy company. He continued working in that company for some years that helped him gain fruitful experience, knowledge and expertise in this energy conservation genre. During this journey, this gentleman got more involved with the entire conservational ‘affair’, which drew him closer and more intimate to its attributes. Slowly and gradually his passion for conserving energy grew that made him more keen and determined to carry forward this concept in a more productive and beneficial manner.

Free energy generation became his core focus and now having 20 years of involvement with this subject, he continues his efforts as an autonomous scientist. He sows seeds of his acquired knowledge and proficiency with educational institutions and universities through the medium of lectures and workshops. His sole intention is to etch his ideas into the minds and hearts of people to help him foresee his vision continuation through his followers. In ways and means like reducing excessive consumption of energy, he helps people to reduce those over charged up electricity bills. He does not consider these efforts to be rocket science which is very difficult and complicated for people to follow. He believes strongly in this optimal usage of energy techniques as he regards himself as just another ordinary human being receiving the same forces of energy like any other common man.

Helping people and facilitating them in their contributive initiatives defines his passion. He understands the present day crunches faced by people. Be it flaring household expenses or even domestic factors like gasoline, power, petrol, rent, food and many more adding to the ever-growing list. It becomes a challenge to save money and curtail expenditures as every slice of these elements is required to run the ‘wheels’ of living.

Thus Rudi Schubert wishes to help people to deal and tackle these situations effectively through simple and easy to follow way and methods. These conservational techniques and initiatives can benefit people, enabling them to saving sufficient amount of money and even produce useful innovations, in sync with their desires and choices. This gentleman is also an ardent blog writer and keeps updating and educating his blog readers with interesting facts and positive information, which keeps them in good spirits and also knowledgeable with beneficial ways and means. His words also echo through social networking websites to enable everyone to be a part of his passion and carry the torch of his vision and dream.


Rudi Schubert

At the time I did my training at a major energy company and then worked for a few years there. Therefore, my knowledge of energy. But at some point I had had enough of the greedy big corporations and did not want to watch as people are being ripped off.